Urban Forestry Grants

Trees Species Diversity Grant Program

Forestry, Fire and State Lands has federal funding available to facilitate increasing tree species diversity across the state. The ultimate goal of this project is to alter the mindset of communities and nurseries and expand availability and trees planted in the state to more than just the few tried and true species. This will increase the overall health and diversity of Utah’s urban forest, which is one of the objectives in the Utah Forest Action Plan (2020), Pg. 79. To facilitate this goal, we are offering funds for cities and state colleges to purchase diverse tree species to plant in their community/campus. 

In order to apply for funding, simply fill out the application and proposed maintenance plan. There isn’t a deadline on the application. Forestry, Fire & State Lands will continue to work with communities/campuses until the funding runs out.  These funds will only go towards tree species on the approved list. We will consider additional species for the list, but keep in mind that the goal of this funding is to increase species diversity in the state, which means no flowering pear, red maple, honeylocust, ect. We realize it will be a challenge to locate many of these species, but hopefully, this program will aid in letting nurseries know that we are serious about planting more diverse species in the state. Many of these species can also be ordered online.

Once these trees are purchased and planted, a community/campus will receive a full reimbursement for the trees. We will monitor these trees, over time, and evaluate how well each particular species does in the state. We hope you are as excited as we are about expanding our tree species diversity in Utah. 

Feel free to reach out to Jeran Farley with any questions 801-330-7976. 

 Arbor Day Grants

The Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands, USDA Forest Service and Utah Community Forestry Council provides annual Arbor Day celebration grant assistance. This grant is to provide funds for communities to meet one of the four criteria for Tree City USA, which is to proclaim and observe Arbor Day.

Utah cities, towns, and communities interested in developing or improving a sustainable community forestry program and are NOT currently a Tree City USA may apply (FFSL offers an expanded grant program for up to $10,000 for Tree City USA communities). The 2022 Arbor Day Grants are available. Please download the application below for details.

Contact Jeran Farley at 801-330-7976 or email for more information.

Community Forestry Partnership Grants (CFP)

The Utah Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands, in partnership with the US Forest Service, provides an opportunity for Tree City USA communities to apply for grants to help fund urban and community forestry projects.

Please check back in July for more information on the 2022 Community Forestry Partnership Grants.

Contact Jeran Farley at 801-330-7976 or email for more information.

Outdoor Learning Grant

The Utah Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands, in cooperation with the US Forest Service and the Utah Community Forest Council, welcomes public and private schools (K-12) to apply for the Outdoor Learning Grant.

The intent of the Outdoor Learning Grant is to provide funds to K-12 schools to implement an outdoor learning environment on their school grounds. Educators should be able to tie in existing curriculum, such as art, social studies, environmental education, and science, providing an outdoor setting to enhance learning opportunities. This will allow the students to connect with the world around them and engage in hands-on activities and experiences.

Contact Jeran Farley at 801-330-7976 or email for more information.