Great Salt Lake Salinity Advisory Committee

GSL Causeway photo


The goal of the Great Salt Lake Salinity Advisory Committee is to guide the process of developing and, in the end, providing recommendations to Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands and Utah Division of Water Quality on the long-term management of the salinity of GSL. 


FFSL and UDWQ are responsible for interpreting salinity data representative of the South (Gilbert Bay) and North (Gunnison Bay) Arms of GSL and making appropriate changes to Union Pacific Railroad’s GSL Causeway opening and berm geometry, if required, that maximize the benefits of GSL in accordance with the public trust doctrine and the Utah Water Quality Act.

At a minimum, FFSL and UDWQ must receive recommendations from the SAC regarding the need and measure of potential FFSL modifications of the UPRR causeway opening, berm or channel.